Advantage of UHMWPE screw conveyor self lubricanting liner

2021-03-15 16:51

First very glad to see the whole world economy is becoming better after the year of 2020 COVID-19's shock .  From January to today , we received many inquiries about the UHMWPE liners for coal bin , screw conveyor equipment , hopper and chute . Some clients are purchasing them to use in their own project , means the local construction projects restart !  This is really a good news that we also try best to support with quotation and installation solution and drawing service suppling .  

Then let us see why the UHMWPE liner is so popular among so many materials ? 

Xinxing UHMWPE material that over 5 million molecular weight, and it features of extremely wear resistant, impact resistant, oil proof, Hydrolysis resistance, abrasion resistant, self-lubrication, non-stick, even the temperature below -100 Celsius degree, it still keeps the features. Good flexible ensures the perfect bending effect, light weight easy to install and dismantle, increase the work efficiency and the extend the service life!
* Abrasion resistance at the top in plastics, 4 times higher than nylon 66 and PTFE, 6 times
   higher than carbon steel; 
* The impact strength ranks first among plastics, which is 2 times of PC and 5 times of ABS, and can keep high toughness at liquid nitrogen temperature (-196)
*  Its self-lubrication is approach to that of PTFE, and the coefficient of friction is only 0.07-0.11
*  The impact absorption value is the highest among all plastics, and the sound attenuation effect is very good
*  High chemical stability, in a certain temperature and concentration range can withstand the action of various corrosive media and organic media
* Strong anti-adhesion ability, second only to PTFE; 
*  Completely hygienic and non-toxic, can be used to contact food and medicine
* UHMWPE is odorless, non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, and has physiological circulation and physiological adaptability.

Look recent photos that Xinxing made for client , they are kinds of UHMWPE liners  .


Xinxing company meanwhile suppling : 

UHMWPE /HDPE dump truck liner 

UHMWPE/HDPE  conveyor U shape liner 

UHMWPE/HDPE  sludge screw conveyor liner 

UHMWPE/HDPE hopper liner , coal bin liner , all kinds of equipment wear resistance blocks , strips and sheets . 

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