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anti slip grooved HDPE plate for farm manure leak breeding


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Summary:anti slip grooved HDPE plate for farm manure leak breeding

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Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer for HDPE sheet  , it has antislip surface and flat surface , can be make full size sheet or customized machined parts .

Recently a new application field is widely loved with our client , that is the nonslip grooved HDPE plate to be used for farm leak manure plate .

HDPE anti-slip surface and groove , first can keep animals safe standing and walking , will not slip . Second can make the dung and urine leakage from the grooves , to reduce much labor cost and cleaning time . Meanwhile it can improve the live environment for animals , to make it more clean and healthy .

Welcome for client to enquiry , HDPE grooved matt surface plate can be cusmized with different size and thickness , and it can be made iwht kinds of process .

General size like 2440 X 1220 X 1-30 mm , meanwhile we cna make it anti flame property to meet the request of safe breeding .

HDPE sheet can be also used for : 

Marine Fender Face pads/Dock bumper

Temporary road mats/Outrigger pads

Roller&hockey&blade synthetic ice rink

Cutting board&Chopping board

Tank, Hopper, Chute & Silo linings;

Machined parts,Food processing facilities;

Chemical and structural tanks and covers.

Any demand just freely contact us !  june@sdxxhg.com    Whatsapp  86-18769467160

nonslip grooved HDPE sheet

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