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flexible plastic barrier for real ice rink


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Advantages of OEM uhmwpe sheet ice skating manufacture/ice rink boards/fences/barrier/shooting pads:

Because synthetic ice rink boards/fences/shooting pads are available in slabs, the shape and size of the rink can be largely customized.

Quick installation
Quick assembly/disassembly thanks to the puzzle blindin system that guarantees a flat and level surface of the rink, the best synthetic ice surface available in the market.

Low operating and maintenance costs of our uhmwpe synthetic shooting pads and ice rink boards/fences.

Advantage of our ice rink dasher board system :

• Extremely high impact strength
• Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
• Optimal sliding properties
• Dimensional stability
• Energy absorption capacity at high loading rates
• Resistance against fatigue
• Water repellent
• Good chemical resistance
• electrical and dielectric properties
• Physiologically harmless 

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