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Ice rink / Ice Hockey dasher board


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Summary:ShandongNingjinXinxingChemicalCo.,LTD madeicerinkandicehockeydasherboardsfordifferentcustomers.Wecanmadecustomizeddesignandcanalsosupplyourcommontype. Ourcommontypeincluding:HDPEhockey dasherboard/Yel

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Shandong Ningjin Xinxing Chemical Co.,LTD made ice rink and ice hockey dasher boards for different customers . We can made customized design and can also supply our common type .

Our common type including :

HDPE hockey dasher board / Yellow HDPE kick plate / Blue HDPE Top strip /

Meanwhile the hockey rink boards made from high density plastic and lightweight Aluminum or Steel which makes them very duable and easyto setup and store .

Details about our dasher boards :

1) SETUP – the hockey rink boards may be mounted directly to any flat surface (wall, beam, post, etc.). This anchoring option is used mainly for indoor installations where the hockey rink boards are intended to “butt up” against walls.

2) Staked – the hockey rink boards may be staked into the ground using the Kickers. The Kickers bolt to the middle or top of the boards and come down to the ground at a 45 degree angle resting 26″ away from the backside of the hockey rink boards.

3) Weight – when mounting or anchoring is not an option, the hockey rink boards may be weighed down by adding the Base Kicker. The Base Kicker attaches to the bottom of the hockey rink board and connects with the D1 Kicker 26″ away from the backside of the hockey rink board. This is the most common option for installations where penetrating the floor surface is not an option.

4) Lagged – The hockey rink boards may be secured with the Anchor Plate. The Anchor Plate has 4 holes and sits 10″ behind the boards. We recommend lagging at least 4″ into any hard flat surface. This option is used for permanent installations .

We are looking forward to become your new partner to develop our business ! 

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