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Synthetic ice rink board panels


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Summary:XINXINGisproudtooffertheExtremeGlideSyntheticIceRinkboard,tocreatethatrealarenafeelandprotectyourgarage,basement,etc.Theseboardsareveryreliableandareveryeasytoinstall.ProductFeatures:• Panelsmeasure12

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XINXING is proud to offer the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Rink board, to create that real arena feel and protect your garage, basement, etc. These boards are very reliable and are very easy to install.

Product Features:
• Panels measure 1220mm high x 2000mm long x 10mm inch thickness.
• Comes in white. Blue upper stri and Yellow kick plates sold separately to have the real arena rink board look.
• Easy installation, just screw the panels directly over drywall or build board frames to screw panels on.
• High quality durable boards.
• Perfect for basement or garage.

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