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HDPE Ground protection mats /Trackway mats


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Summary:rackmatsofferanidealalternativetothehighlyexpensivealuminiumprotectionsystemsorthe"rotandreplace"cultureoftimberforGroundProtection. Trackmatsprovidethebestvalue,andthemostefficientandeffective,heavyd

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rack mats offer an ideal alternative to the highly expensive aluminium protection systems or the "rot and replace" culture of timber for Ground Protection.


Track mats provide the best value, and the most efficient and effective, heavy duty groundcover available. They are being increasingly used by ground engineering companies, as well as many outdoor events companies and landscaping contractors.




Avoid expensive, heavy and unwieldy steel plates and aluminium trackway

Avoid slippery, short term and unsafe plywood

Avoid costs of property damage

Avoid costs of environmental damage

Avoid costs of bogged down vehicles

Avoid injuries - provide efficient and safe work conditions

Easy to transport, carry, lay out and store

Can be branded with company logos and colours

Hand holes and drill holes available

Rot Proof, water resistant, tough and durable

Size of Track mats you can chose :

2440x1100x(12.7-20)mm / 8' x 3.6'x(1/2"-3/4")

2440x1220x (12.7-20)mm / 8' x 4'x(1/2"-3/4")

2000x1000x (12.7-20)mm / 6.57'x3.28'x(1/2"-3/4")

2440x610x (12.7-20)mm / 9'x2'x(1/2"-3/4")

Load Capacity:

60 tons -90tons

Note:We would like to help our customer to design their own stytle Track mats .

What you need is to show your idea ,then all will be left to us .

We will give you a satisfying answer 

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