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Natural UHMWPE Rod 200mm


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Summary:OurmainProducts: UHMWPESheetandrod,UHMWPEMachinedpartsHDPESheetandrod,HDPEMachinedparts PPSheetandrod,PPMachinedparts UHMW-PEadvantages:BecauseofUHMW-PE'slowcoefficientoffrictionforexample,UHMW-PEwill

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Our main Products :


UHMWPE Sheet and rod ,UHMWPE Machined parts

HDPE Sheet and rod ,HDPE Machined parts


PP Sheet and rod ,PP Machined parts


UHMW-PE advantages:

Because of UHMW-PE's low coefficient of friction for example, UHMW-PE will decrease the energy needed to operate machinery. The agriculture industry has found that using UHMW-PE as opposed to steel in scraper applications realized increased fuel economy, reduced noise levels and increased wear resistance. In material handling, the use of UHMW-PE sprockets and bearing surfaces have not only improved overall performance but have extended the life of conveying systems. In food handling systems UHMW-PE has eliminated the need for unwanted grease or oil lubricating methods, in fact, UHMW-PE is FDA and USDA approved for direct food contact.


UHMW characteristics

1 Highest abrasion resistance of any polymer

2 Outstanding impact strength

3 Intricate parts

4 Cost efficient

5 Improved performance

6 Self lubricating material

7 Light weight

8 Low Tooling costs

9 Non-Toxic

10 Sound dampening properties

11 Good chemical resistance


UHMWPE Sheet size :







UHMWPE Rod Size :




Length :no limit .

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