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Sandwich 3 layer HDPE double color plastic sheet and board


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HDPE textured single& two colored board Specification:
Thickness range: 6mm~25mm
Width max.: 2000mm
Length: Any length
Standard sizes: 1220X2440; 1000X2000; 1200X2400
We can also provide any other sizes according to your special needs.
co extruded hdpe sheet/ plastic sheet


Advantage :

Xinxing has its own TUV test certificate to proove that our Sandwich 3 layer HDPE double color plastic sheets is absolutely health and safe for children , even children touch or eat the material .

(high density polyethylene HDPE board ) melting point is 130 °C
The HDPE Board demonstrates excellent water and heat resistant properties.
ALSO HDPE SHEET HAS high chemical resistance
Has high rigidity and toughness
Excellent machinery intension
Dielectrical property
Better environmental stress crack resistance
Non-toxic , odourless
Has good low temperature resistance (the range -70~100°C)


Playground Equipment:
•Playground equipments can be made of HDPE single color and Dual color sheet
•Very safe for Children
•They make the best playground equipment components for children playground such as slide, safety stair, spring rider, Tic Tac Toe panel, flooring; as well as sculptures, decorative roof and signage. Apart from that, our HDPE Sheets are also recognized as the best indoor and outdoor partition board as cabinets for books, file, shoes and so on.
Double Colors and Three Layers Embossed HDPE Sheet/multilayer color HDPE plate for children playground
A/B/A sandwich 3 layers double color hdpe sheet from xinxing chemical

Additional sevrice :
CNC processing is provided according to customer drawing 

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