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Orange skin Texture double color HDPE sheet for playground equipment


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XINXING CHEMICAL HDPE muti-color plates for Playground equipment
Beautiful colour Single coloured or Dual coloured
Very safe for Children


They make the best playground equipment components for children playground such as slide, safety stair, spring rider, Tic Tac Toe panel, flooring; as well as sculptures, decorative roof and signage. Apart from that, our HDPE Sheets are also recognized as the best indoor and outdoor partition board as cabinets for books, file, shoes and so on.

XINXING CHEMICAL has developed a range of products with special mechanical properties, enhanced UV stability and impact resistance, suited to produce parts used in outdoor furniture, children’s play equipment and general products for recreational and leisure pursuits.

Designed with children’s play equipment in mind, our unique double embossed material is an example of innovation at its best. Manufactured with a contrasting coloured core,XINXING HDPE is non abrasive and non toxic, allowing designers the freedom to explore new concepts using multiple colours to create new and interesting products for young children.

Key Area of Application

Children’s garden toys
Garden slides
Fish pond liners
Playground equipment
Fishing boxes
Camping equipment


General Size for three layer ( double color ) hdpe sheets :

2440X1220X12 mm

2440X1200X15 mm

2440X1220X19 mm

Customer can design , we help you to make drawing and process . 

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