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Double Color HDPE texture three layer board


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HDPE textured single& two colored board Specification:
Thickness range: 6mm~25mm
Width max.: 2000mm
Length: Any length
Standard sizes: 1220X2440; 1000X2000; 1200X2400
We can also provide any other sizes according to your special needs.

co extruded hdpe sheet/ plastic sheet


Standard Color:
Single Color:


Dual Color:



HDPE textured single& two colored board characteristics:
• Excellent chemical resistance
• wear resistance
• Anti-Weather and Anti-Aging
• Good electrical insulation
• UV Resistance
• Stain resistant
• No delamination
• Good protection against stress cracking
• Very low water absorption
• Low maintenance cost
• Easily work with most wood and metal working tools
• High flexibility at high or low temperature
• The machanical strength of surface hardness, stretching intensity and rigidity is higher than LDPE
• Food safe. Non-Toxic and smell


HDPE textured single& two colored board Applications:
• Outdoor recreational facilities
• Animal House
• Sports venues
• Carved signs
• Indoor house furniture
• Playground Equipment
• Decorative Elements
• Prototype


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