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Hdpe Polyethylene white plastic cutting boards


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Summary:KeyfeaturesofHDPEcuttingboard:1.Tasteless,non-toxic,odorless,canbeusedasaplateofmeatandothersurfacematerial.2.Self-lubricatingproperties,resistancetoboilingwaterandchemicalresistance, compliancewithFD

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Key features of HDPE cutting board:

1.Tasteless, non-toxic, odorless, can be used as a plate of meat and other surface material.

2.Self-lubricating properties, resistance to boiling water and chemical resistance,


compliance with FDA and USDA requirements, It is suitable for contact surface of food and drug.


The size of HDPE cutting board:

450*300*50mm, 900x450x50mm, 1000x500x50mm,

1600x500x50mm, 2000x1000x50mm, 400*400*10mm,

400*400*20mm, 600*400*200mm, 350*450*10mm

Of course the size can be customized according to customer requirements. 

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