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uhmwpe or hdpe cable support block


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1. introduction of UHMWPE pipe support

The high density advanced PE pipe insulation support is researched and developed by the
economy and has many typical properties comparing with wooden made pipe insulation
support, low thermal conductivity, anti-corrosive, non flammable and resistant to water
condensation and chemicals, etc.
Based on its outstanding features, PE pipe support can be widely used as pipe insulation
support in both air conditioning system and fields of oil refining, food making, chemical and
pharmaceutical Industry.

2. Features of UHMWPE pipe support

• Top loading design enables the pipe to be easily lowered into the pipe support.
• Elevation kits are shipped from the factory fully assembled.
• Easily adjusts to elevation changes of the roof.
• The 12” W X 12” L square base provides a large footprint to distribute the weight of the piping system.
• Prolongs rooftop life and reduces roof repairs.
• Standardizes pipe support installations.
• Provides many mounting positions and clamping or roller options.
• Adaptable to most all configurations.
• Absorbs vibration, shock, and cushions roof surface.
• Easy and proper anchoring and fastening of pipe systems.
• Cushioning surface accommodates expansion and contraction of piping.
• Resistant to deterioration: repels rain, snow and ice.
• Infinitely adjustable height range:
Minimum height is 6” from roof deck.
Maximum height is 19” from roof deck. 

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