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Resistant Crane stabliser pad with round shape and black color


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Stabilizer jack pads
Heavy duty jacking pads
Stabilizer pad for crane
Crane outrigger pads
Crane foot support plate
UHMWPE /HDPE Jacking pads
UHMWPE /HDPE Cribbing plates
Polyethylene utrigger pads,
HDPE plastic stabilizer pad
Crane support pad


Xinxing offers customers hand-machined UHMWPE/HDPE vehicle crane outrigger pads/jack pads/crane support plate, providing the industrial strength and safety previously available in commercial heavy-duty equipment outrigger pads.


UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) is often referred to as the world’s toughest polymer, which makes it highly effective in a variety of applications. UHMWPE/HPDE Outrigger Pads are our main Products, which are easy to clean, 60,000lb vertical load capacity.


1. Excellent wear resistance
2. Self-lubricating
3. Excellent abrasion Resistance
4. Blunt impact resistance
5. Corrosion and chemical resistance
6. Low-temperature resistance
7. Excellent machanical properties
8. Hygienic and non-poisonous.
9. Excellent machanical properties 

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