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rough surface Outrigger UHMWPE mobile Pad


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Summary:XINXINGOutriggerpadsPerformance:IncredibleStrengthZeroSplintersLighterthanWoodEngineeredforaVarietyofEquipmentRoundPadsRollEasilyExtremelyLongLastingRetainsPerformanceOverLifetime XINXINGOutriggerpads

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XINXING Outrigger pads Performance:
Incredible Strength
Zero Splinters
Lighter than Wood
Engineered for a Variety of Equipment
Round Pads Roll Easily
Extremely Long Lasting
Retains Performance Over Lifetime


XINXING Outrigger pads Features:
Engineered Thermoplastic
Industrial Grade Safety Texturing
Rounded Edges and Corners
Weight Listed on Pad
Waterproof and Chemical Resistant


XINXING Outrigger pads Replacement For:
Wood outrigger pads – wood is a natural material that will fatigue and has large variations in strength. Waterproofing materials used for wood outrigger pads can be easily defeated once cracking of the wood fibers occurs during use. Fasteners used to hold wood materials together are also susceptible to fatigue and failure.


XINXING Outrigger pads Model Info:
Available in 40+ in stock models. Standard color is black, white, red, yellow, green blue,etc. XINXING outrigger pad thicknesses range from 25mm to 100mm and shapes include square, round for easy rolling and rectangular dunnage.


XINXING Outrigger pads Engineered For:
Aerial lifts, digger derricks, concrete pumps, and mobile cranes typically up to100 ton capacity or other outrigger-enabled equipment requiring a strong and rigid outrigger pad .


Non-sliding Crane Outrigger Pad are manufactured using engineered UHMWPE, providing superior strength-to-weight ratio than the timbers commonly used to support outriggers and crane arms. These lightweight, usable pads provide a large non-slip surface area for absorbing load - minimising movement and sinkage. They can be used to stabilise outriggers, crane arms, scaffolding structures, uprights and angled loadings.


Xinxing Outrigger Pads will not splinter, warp, delaminate or breakdown in the harsh environment. The pads are engineered to bend but not break and come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Featuring a non-slip textured surface, these pads are built to the highest safety standards and are very easy to use with convenient safety rope handles.

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