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UHMWPE crane bearing support pad


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Advantages of UHMWPE crane outrigger pad:
---easy to clean
---no contamination from cardboard or wood particles
--multiuse solution : longer life-span, very low damage rate per trip, improvement of the stacking efficiency
--Solid and long lasting twin- sheet pp :until 50 trips
3.Designed for beverage and glass bottles industry
--rigid of the sheet :no necessity to use trays
--Flexibility :available in different colored and sizes ,with shaped corners or rounded edges
---Printable: means of brand communication…
--No environmental impact as damaged pads are recycled
---Helps to reduce waste and spoilage


Xinxing Crane outrigger pads can be designed with differnt shape , different surface and different handly type . We welcome detailed inquiry with size request , xinxing will pay 100% attention on that . If customers have no idea about the size , just tell us the crane loading baering and itself weight , xinxing can suggest a suitable size for quotation .

Excellent abrasion resistance , very good impact resitant and anti-UV performance with competitive price make xinxing UHMWPE outrigger pads popular.


Please contact : june@sdxxhg.com Phone: +86 18769467160    

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