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heavy duty crane outrigger pad stabilizer


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Summary:Customizedsizeandshapeondemand.(Maxsize:2000*7000mm)Engraveyourcompanylogo,websiteandcontactinformation,anti-slipcircle,anti-sliplineareallavailable. AdvantagesofUHMWPECraneOutriggerPad  •Specialantis

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Customized size and shape on demand.(Max size :2000*7000mm)

Engrave your company logo, website and contact information ,anti-slip circle ,anti-slip line are all available.


Advantages of UHMWPE Crane Outrigger Pad


  •Special antiskid treatment on surface ,guarantee the safety of people and crane in use

  •Excellent wear resisting and impact resisting,longer service lifetime than steel pad and wood pad.

  •Lower densisty and ligher weight than other material ,easy to be used and move

  •Excellent compressive property,could avoid damages to floor by heavy load

  •Compressive loads up to one million pounds

  •Up to 15,000 pounds per square foot

  •Good self cleaning property, the temperature range:-150°C to 85°C

  •Low water absorption, the size will not change because of the humid environment.


Size of outrigger pads :


Length*Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Load capacity(ton)
300*300      3-7
400*400      6-13
500*500      13-23
600*600      18-33
700*700      26-45
800*800      34-59
900*900      53-85
1000*1000      65-104
1100*1100      73-104
1200*1200   87-188
1300*1300 169-254
1400*1400 196-294
1500*1500 225-338
1600*1600 180-269
1700*1700 203-304
1800*1800 227-340
1900*1900 253-379
2000*2000 280-420 

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