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durable hdpe crane outrigger pads/crane truck outrigger pad


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durable hdpe crane outrigger pads/crane truck outrigger pad are made in UHMWPE or HDPE material, an engineering materialthat offers asuperior combination of impact strength, wear and chemical resistance. Each pad is equippedwith a durable wirehandle to allow for easy storage and mobility. UHMWPE/ HDPE Outrigger Pads are an alternative to wood pads due to their superior characteristics and performance which allows them to last longer .dvan.


Colored wear resistant plastic HDPE/UHMWPE outrigger pad


Advantage of outrigger pads as below :

Durable synthetic rope handles

15% the weight of steel pads

Corrosion,chemical,wear and moisture resistant

Non-slip surface

Work in sub-zero temperatures

Easy to transport and mount

Does not rot or splinter

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