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custom wear resistant plastic machined UHMWPE |HDPE slide block


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A .Characteristics for UHMWPE liner plastic liner

1. UHMW exhibits virtually no water absorption

2, Non-Toxic

3. Low coefficient of friction

4. Corrosion resistant

5. Abrasion and impact resistant

6. Wear Resistant

7. Dielectric

8. Weatherproof


B. UHMWPE Application Areas

1. Textile Industry:

2. Chemical Industry:

3. Food Processing Industry:

4. Paper Industry:

5. Material Handling:

6. Farm Implement:

7. Mining & Metals Processing Industries:

8. Transportation:


C :Our Products Range:

UHMWPE Sheet,UHMWPE rod,UHMW-PE liner,UHMW-PE Strips,UHMWPE Filter Plate,UHMWPE Marine fender, UHMW-PE parts, Heavy Duty Road Mats, Crane outrigger pad, HDPE Sheet, HDPE bar, HDPE parts, PP Sheet and other Engineering plastic products.  

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