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UHMWPE wheel/ pulley / roller sleeve


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Xinxing UHMWPE wheel / pulley / roller sleeve are for main hoist support , and also used in heavy duty hydraulic trolleys and other industrial applications . These UHMWPE parts can be customized as per the requirement of the clients . Below is UHMWPE material advantages :


The traditional pulley is made by cast iron or cast steel ,although it can bear more weight ,but the wear resistance is not good ,and it will damage the steel wire ,in addition ,the manufacturing cost is much more than plastic pulley (UHMW pulley)


lastic sleeve won’t rust ,it has very low friction factor ,so it hardly make friction with contents inside .


Bushings is a ring form covering of valve or bearing ,plastic bushings have wider using range than others ,among them ,UHMW bushings are the most common used model .


In conclusion , excellent wear resistance , good impact strength , anti-UV, anti-age , anti-corrosion , anti-rust and very high strength let it become the most popular material to instead of steel or iron .


If interest , pls kindly connect : Ms June ( june@sdxxhg.com )

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