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UHMWPE roller sleeve for main hoist support


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Xinxing UHMWPE roller sleeve's Characteristics & Features

High Density Material
Anti-Acidic / Anti-Alkaline
Low Noise & Friction
Perfect Dynamic Balancing
50% Lighter than Steel Rollers
Suitable for High Humidity and High Pollution Environments
Power Saving
Cost Saving
Wide temperature adaptability
Lightweight, easy installation
Safe and poison-free and can contact with food and medicine
hdpe coated conveyor rollers/polyethylene plastic rollers/rigid plastic rollers

Application of plastic roller

Widly used in cement,coal,gravel,fertilisers,ports,chemicals,quarrying,zinc mining,grain.
General Industry Coal Mining, Cement, Concrete, Limestone and Quarry.
Chemical Industry Fertilizer, Salt, Sugar, Pulp Paper, Acid and Alkaline.
Other Material Handling Equipment system.


UHMW-PE parts:


UHMWPE material has many advantage to make it to be the ideal material

as different Industry elements and equipments. Owing to its excellent

abrasion resistance, impact resistance, self-lubricating, it is suitable for making many types of machinery parts,

such as rollers, shaft bushes, nozzles, mixing blade and other products.


XINXING CNC machined UHMWPE parts:

Our CNC machine can make drillings, do chamfers, and do other

processing under the control of computer.Our professional workers

can process the UHMWPE sheet and rod into different shape as customer special request.

If you have special parts troubled you, please feel free to contact us. Your approval

is our greatest satisfaction! 

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