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Yellow Plastic Track pad


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Summary:UHMWPETrackpadsisthenewmaterialwhichhaveastrongerpropertiesthanothermaterials. Plastictrackpadspreventtheasphaltpavementfrombeingdamagedbycoldmillingmachinesineverydayoperationonthejobsite.UHMWPEisper

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подробное описание

UHMWPE Track pads is the new material which have a stronger properties than other materials .


Plastic track pads prevent the asphalt pavement from being damaged by cold milling machines in everyday operation on the job site. UHMWPE is permanently working to optimize the material properties, shape and quality of their track pads, which has resulted in the POLY GRIP series of track pads that sets new standards in terms of service life and machine traction.


Typical Properties


· Exceptional abrasion & impact resistance.


· High Sliding & non-stick characteristic


· High chemical & weathering resistance


· Non water absorption


· Lowest coefficient of friction


· Excellent electrical properties


· Light weight


· Ease of fabrication


· Temperature range: -260°C ~ +80°C


The size that we can make :


All is available according to customer drawings


Typical Application


· Paper industry – suction box cover, doctor blade, forming plate, etc..


· Mining – lining in chute hopper.


· Chemical – pump housing, impeller


UHMWPE track pad is made of high performance plastic material -Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE). UHMW-PE has lowe friction , hing tensile strength , strong impact strength , we use UHMW-PE pad bolt on the track of excavator , it possesses very good properties of wear resistance, tear resistance and non-disintegration, etc. The adhesion between the UHMW-PE and steel plate is very strong,the replacement is convenient and the service life is long so it is suitable for various pavers and bitumen transportation trucks.  

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