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UV resisting UHMWPE marine fender panel /facing pad


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UHMWPE marine frontal dock bumper panel have many properties like: light weight, impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, small coefficient of friction. It’s impact strength is 20 times of PVC,10 times of nylon 66,8 times of PTFE. 

The attached picture is special type for UHMWPE fender pads , because its hole depth is very big but customer trust us , finally we did very well . So Xinxing can be your trusted business partner . 

Let us know more about its super advantages : 

UHMWPE Marine fender facing pads,fender panel for dock and port : 

1. No water absorption 

2. Non-Toxic 

3. Low coefficient of friction 

4. Self-lubrication 

5. Low temperature resistant 

6. Corrosion resistant 

7. High impact resistant 

8. High abrasion and wear Resistant 

9. Excellent dielectric properties 

10. Weatherproof 

11. non-sticky 

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