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black fender panel with process as drilling holes


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Summary:CornerUHMWPEMarineFenderFacepad,UHMWPEMarineFender,UHMWPESlidingPanel Pleaseshowmeyourdrawingpictureoranotherdetailsforquotation 1.Accordingtothedrawingprocessing 2.AcceptOEMservice 3.Thickness5-200mm

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Corner UHMWPE Marine Fender Face pad ,UHMWPE Marine Fender ,UHMWPE Sliding Panel 

Please show me your drawing picture or another details for quotation 
1.According to the drawing processing 
2.Accept OEM service 
3.Thickness 5-200mm 
4.Molecular weight: 3-9 million 

Best shock resistance even in low temperature. 
low frictional factor, and well sliding bearing material 
lubricity( no caking, in adhesion) 
Best chemical corrosion resistance and stress craze resistance 
excellent machinery process ability 
lowest water absorption(<0.01%) 
paragon electric insulativity and antistatic behavior 
nice high energy radioactive resistance 
Abrasive resistance which always have in thermoelectricity polymer. 
Density is lower than other thermoplastics (< 1g/m) 
long using temperature range: -269°C--90°C
Project Name 
Impulse strength                         KJ/m²
Water absorption                          %
Compressive strength                 MPa
Ball-indentation hardness           N/mm²
Flexural strength                         MPa
Wear loss                                    g/cm²

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