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Engineering Plastic colorful Uhmwpe Sheet


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Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE)
UHMW-PE is defined as polyethylene whose molecular weight is 3.1 million or higher. As with most high-performance polymers, processing of UHMW-PE is not easy.Current manufacturing methods include compression molding, ram extrusion . UHMW-PE has outstanding abrasion resistance and an extremely low coefficient of friction. Impact strength is high and chemical resistance is excellent. The material does not break in impact strength tests using standard notched specimens; double-notched specimens break at 20 ft-lb/in (42.1 kJ/m2).

Conveyor wear strips
Snowmobile track sprockets
Guide rails
Paper machine suction box covers
Parts of textile looms

Chute linings
Pipe for distribution of slurry materials
Other components requiring maximum abrasion
resistance and impact strength and a low friction coefficient

Xinxing UHMWPE sheet size :

6000*1800 mm / 4500*2000 mm / 3050*1220 mm / 3000*3000 mm / 3000*1500 mm/

Thickness from 8-200 mm , if bigger than 200 mm , we can supply connect scheme for customers .

Any inquiry , welcome to contact : june@sdxxhg.com 

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