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waterproof plastic Anti static Boron added uhmwpe sheet/UHMWPE Sheet


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Product details

Boron carbide content: 10% (by weight)
Density: acuity 1.028 g/cm3
Thermal deformation temperature (load rho = 0.46 M rho (a) : 72 ℃
Linear expansion coefficient of: 8.933 x 10-51 / ℃
Heat temperature: 126 ℃ (DTA measurements)
Thermal strength: material 24 mpa
The impact strength (gap) : 19 kj/m2 material

Size Range & Specification

You can choose the right size according to your specific needs


Boron polyethylene is a relatively cheap neutron shielding materials.

1,Have good irradiation resistance,

2,No activation products, secondary gamma ray energy is low;
3,Good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, no smell.

4,High mechanical strength, smooth surface, easy to facilitate decontamination, mechanical processing, the characteristics of easy installation and maintenance 

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