UHMWPE sheets are widely used as the filter plate

2021-09-15 00:00

UHMWPE sheets are widely used as the filter plate

As we all know , Filter press is used for solid-liquid separation equipment , and widely used in chemical , pharmaceutical , dyestuff , food , metallurgy and other fileds , especially for the separation of viscous matter , especially unique advantages. 

The Filter press is composed of multiple filter plates and filter frames , and the pressure is the driving force of the filter . 

The Filter plate is our Xinxing Strength product -- UHMWPE filter plate . 

XINXING Machinery parts in ultra high molecular weight polyethylene set themselves apart by the special sinter press procedure over a long period used to produce them, as well as an extremely high molecular weight plus their extra additive that is specifically tailored to paper machines. 

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