Energy limitation policy

2021-09-15 00:00

                                                                                                                           Government Limits Power Consumption Policy


Due to the recent  dual control of energy consumption  policy of the Chinese Government . Our manufacturing operation has been adjusted to  run for 1 day and stop for 1 days  and the production capacity is only half of that under normal conditions.


As now the whole China factories are facing up this situation , so because of the raw material resource less , the UHMWPE and HDPE material price is increasing accordingly .


If any purchase plan about UHMWPE sheets , HDPE sheets , Or any plastic machined part or ground mats , please contact us earlier than schedule , and request for re-quote, to avoid any delay of the delivery time .


Abosn main products : UHMWPE/HDPE sheets  

Ground protection mats  / outrigger pads  /base mats

Kinds of plastic machined wear parts

Polyethylene liners / dock bumpers / fender pads / wear blocks

PP sheets and cutting boards  / dual color texture sheets


Any question or interest please contact June Lee ( 0086-18653460618 )  or email