hdpe plastic drilling rig mats dura base duradeck Access Mats

2021-09-15 00:00

Xinxing HDPE plastic drilling rig mats dura base duradeck Access Mats

It can be all also with interlock composite crane mats |RigTrak Mats| for Ground Protection on Oil Rig & Pipeline Sites, instead of wood rig matting is Strong & Long Lasting Composite Construction mat.

It works like megadeck, duradeck ,Dura-Base and rigtrak mat . It can be used on Oil Rig & Pipeline Sites , Turf Protection Mats & Event Flooring ,drill sites and work platforms .


Xinxing company is professional to supply the solution for your ground matting access projects .  Any hard ground situation , muddy or swamp or any heavy vehicles accorss , 100 tons or 150 tons . 

All we can supply the suitable mats for your application . 

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