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Anti-slip High hardness machined uhmwpe panel


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Advantages of UHMWPE Plastic Outrigger Pads:

1.Special antiskid treatment on surface ,guarantee the safety of people and crane in use
2.Excellent wear resisting and impact resisting,longer service lifetime than steel pad and wood pad.
3.Lower density and lighter weight than other material ,easy to be used and moved
4.Excellent compressive property,could avoid damages to floor by heavy load
5.Compressive loads up to one million pounds
6.Up to 15,000 pounds per square foot
7.Good self cleaning property, the temperature range:-269°C to 85°C
8.Low water absorption, the size will not change because of the humid environment.


we can provide other sizes as your requirements.


Application of HDPE Plastic Outrigger Pads:
1.Heavy-duty roads
3.Work and staging areas
5.Golf courses
6.Outdoor events  

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