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crane customized uhmw-pe crane truck outrigger pad


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Xinxing UHMWPE Crane outrigger pads Advantages

Made from engineered UHMW polyethylene
Supports outrigger and crane arms
Safety textured non-slip surface
Memory recovery
Reusable, will not splinter or rot
Non-conductive, moisture and chemical resistant
Safety orange handles
Lifetime Guarantee – “You break it, we’ll replace it”


Application of Xinxing UHMWPE Crane Outrigger Pads include: 

Fire Trucks
Utility Trucks
Tree Trimmers
Concrete Pumps
Any Type Of Aerial Equipment


Also we can provide the ground protection mat as following
HDPE ground protection road mat Advantages:

1,Protects ground
2,Easy installation on uneven ground.
3.Heavy duty road mat providing temporary road ways and tough durable working areas.
4.Less costs than aluminium and wooden mats.
5.Made of long-lasting HDPE that can flex without breaking-superior to pluwood.
6.Suitable for extreme weather conditions and most ground conditions.
7.Low maintenance.
8.Extremely durable,Weather-proof and UV resistant.


HDPE ground protection road mat Application:
Heavy-duty roads
Work and staging areas
Golf courses
Outdoor events 

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