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UHMWPE track pads /blocks


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Summary:UHMWPESheet/UHMWPEBlock/UHMWPEGear/UHMWPEslidingbar/UHMWPEparts/UHMWPEBearing/UHMWPERollerandotherspecailUHMWPEproducts. HDPEsheet/HDPEBlock/HDPEGear/HDPESlidingBar/HDPERod/HDPEParts/HDPEBearing/HDPER

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UHMWPE Sheet/UHMWPE Block/UHMWPE Gear/UHMWPE sliding bar/UHMWPE parts/UHMWPE Bearing /UHMWPE Roller and other specail UHMWPE products .


HDPE sheet/HDPE Block /HDPE Gear/HDPE Sliding Bar/HDPE Rod/HDPE Parts/HDPE Bearing /HDPE Roller and other special HDPE products .


As a top plastic manufacturer, XINXING only uses the best plastic – UHMW – in machining plastic components and chain guides. All types of UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) of plastic used in our custom fabricated parts have these characteristics:


Noise reduction
Corrosion Resistance
Low Friction
No moisture



All kind of UHMWPE with different color and size is available with us .

Welcome inquiry .XINXING Will provided you with best price and qualily .

For more questions ,please contact our email june@sdxxhg.cm

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