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Longest lifetime UHMW Polyethylene Park Lot Wheel Stops


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Parking lot wheel stops prevent vehicles from damaging buildings, sidewalks, and delicate landscape. Also used indoors in factories, buildings, and storage facilities as bumper cushions and protectors for fork trucks and other assorted vehicles and carts. Effective, durable, long-lasting alternative to traditional concrete curbs. Not affected by cold or heat.

Character of our UHMW-PE Sheet :

UHMW is 6 times more abrasion resistant than steel.

Virtually unbreakable with no notch sensitivity.

Non-marking and nonabrasive.

Low friction coefficient makes it slick in any weather.

Available with a non-skid surface where traction is needed.

Lightweight. Floats in water. 1" x 12" x 12" = 5 pounds.

No cold embrittlement, works from -155ºF to + 200ºF.

Can be cold or heat bent to meet required shapes.

Simple to install and requires virtually no maintenance.

Nonconductive, nonmagnetic, and non-fibrous.

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