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Summary:WeprovideUHMWPE/UPE(UltraHighMolecularWeightPolyethylene)whichisahighdensitypolyethyleneofveryhighmolecularweight,theaveragemolecularweightisestimatedintherangeof4~9million. UHMWPEisusedinawidevariety

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We provideUHMWPE / UPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) which is a high density polyethylene of very high molecular weight, the average molecular weight is estimated in the range of 4~9 million.


UHMWPE is used in a wide variety application. Our main production areUHMWPE Rod, UHMWPE Sheet & UHMWPE Machined Parts with excellent quality and physical properties; also,in various shapes.


AllUPE Rod, UPE Sheet & UPE Machined Parts can be made in Natural White, Black, Yellow & Green color (Request on Order).


Typical Properties


· Exceptional abrasion & impact resistance.


· High Sliding & non-stick characteristic


· High chemical & weathering resistance


· Non water absorption


· Lowest coefficient of friction


· Excellent electrical properties


· Light weight


· Ease of fabrication


· Temperature range: -260°C ~ +80°C


The size that we can make :


All is available according to customer drawings


Typical Application


· Paper industry – suction box cover, doctor blade, forming plate, etc..


· Mining – lining in chute hopper.


· Chemical – pump housing, impeller


UHMWPE track pad is made of high performance plastic material -Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE). UHMW-PE has lowe friction , hing tensile strength , strong impact strength , we use UHMW-PE pad bolt on the track of excavator , it possesses very good properties of wear resistance, tear resistance and non-disintegration, etc. The adhesion between the UHMW-PE and steel plate is very strong,the replacement is convenient and the service life is long so it is suitable for various pavers and bitumen transportation trucks.  

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