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UHMW Sieve Pan Liner


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Summary:UHMWSievePanLinerprovidesasmoothnonsticksurfaceforwetgrainandsmallseedtoslideefficientlytothereturnauger. Theundrilledlinersgivesyouthecapabilitytodrillwhereverbestfitsyourapplicationsneeds. Problemfo

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UHMW Sieve Pan Liner provides a smooth non stick surface for wet grain and small seed to slide efficiently to the return auger .


The undrilled liners gives you the capability to drill wherever best fits your applications needs .


Problem for Bluk Material

That generally cohesive bulk materials do not flow easily in chutes and hoppers.
Changes in moisture and particle size affect the products flowability. These materials
stick to the hopper walls and will negatively affect productivity. Traditional steel
surfaces also become rough and corroded over time, compounding the problems and
increasing the loss in productivity.

XINXING PEUHMW as hopper liner have the following advantages:



XINXING PE 1000 properties have meet the full range of material flow,friction and
wear challenge associated with bulk materials.
PE-UHMW excellent properties that needed to handle bulk material are:
1.Very low dynamic friction coefficient(15)
2.Extreme wear resistance (200%higherthanstainlesssteel)
3.Resistance to chemicals
4.Corrosion resistance
5.High impact strength(upto170kJ/m2)
6.Service temperature range-260oC to +80oC
Benefit of XINXING PE 1000 as a lining materialis:
5.Costo flining exist hopper with PE1000 is one third of the cost of mild steel
6.PE-UHMW is half the weight of steel, despite being three times as thick

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