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abrasion resistance UHMWPE guide rail /guide track/wear strips


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abrasion resistance UHMWPE guide rail /guide track/wear strips


With the ever-increasing popularity of sheet, rod, tube and profiles, UHMW has rapidly become the staple product in the plastics industry. Wear strip, mechanically fastened or adhered, eliminates numerous areas of friction and wear in material handling applications. Processing and treating the UHMW so it can be bonded to a pressure sensitive, adhesive backing also eliminates the need to mechanically fasten and reduces waste.Bushings, bearings, doctor blades, guides, rails, shims, wear plates, liners, and wipers are just a few of the many uses for continuous wear strip.


UHMWPE Key Properties :


High Impace and Abrasion Resistance 
High Tensile Strength 
Easily Machined


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